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Fame & Fiction performs Dangerous Woman LIVE at the Cinema Systers Film Festival 2017. Featuring Terri Burch on hula hoop. Filmmakers: Catherine Crouch, Ladema Zinsmeister, Kelly Hayes, & Liss...

Bernie Sanders – A Smooth Socialist

All female garage band Cotton Lover Swifts parody Alien Ant Farm’s parody of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. There are no criminals here, just three generations of feminists and a visionary socialist candidate in this catchy Bernie fan video.

The Sweet Mystery of Indiana Love

This short video is a mashup of the art of Robert Indiana with the words of Indiana Governor Mike Pence regarding his “religious Freedom Act”

Cotton Lover Swifts – Sn’Obama Globe

Cotton Lover Swifts’ parody video sends a message to Obama from inside a snow globe.

Muddle In the Mudd

Music video for Indiana singer/songwriter Thomasina.

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