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Catherine Crouch – Jonathan Swift
Becca Hopson – Riot Grrl
Music by Michael Nesmith
Recorded & Mixed by Johnandrew Bellner
Lyrics by Catherine Crouch
Video Crew:
Writer & Director & Editor – Catherine Crouch
Cinematographer – Jim Timperman
Lead Makeup Artist – Catherine Tidwell
Assistant Director – Jim Dougherty
Script Supervisor – Kehaulani Haydon
Construction Foreman – Renee Schultz
Playback & Green Screens – Jeannie Paulsen
Production Assistant – Dawn “Crasian” Boarman
Assistant Makeup Artist – Kaitlynn Ash
Crafts Services – Beth Spitznogle
Set Photographer – Ladema Zinsmeister
Photoshop & Graphics – Laurie Little
Compositing & SFX – Jim Dougherty
Social Media – Ronit Bezalel
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