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Written & Directed by Catherine Crouch
Super 8mm and miniDV
15 minutes

Buy the compilation of 6 award-winning short films including The Gendercator Now!:


The Gendercator is a satirical take on surgical body modification and gender. The story uses the “Rip Van Winkle” mode l to extrapolate from the feminist 70s to a frightening 2048 where politics and technology have conspired to mandate two gender “choices”: Macho male or Barbie babe. In this dystopian future, those whose gender presentation does not comply will be GENDERCATED.

–Best Midwestern Film, Indianapolis Fringe Film Festival, 2008


The Gendercator is the only film ever accepted, programmed and then cancelled from San Francisco’s Frameline Film Festival in 31 yearsdue to an email campaign consisting of 130 identical emails.

Film Credits:
Producer: Joel Umbaugh and Sharon Zurek
Photography: Jason Boyer
Editor: Hannah David
Music: The Stewed Tomatoes and Ellen Rosner
Principle Cast:
Emily Wood (Sunshine Sally)
Joel Umbaugh (Tork)
Kelly Gerard (Nurse Nancy)

Canadian Filmmakers Distribution Centre
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