70 Acres In Chicago

70 Acres In Chicago


For 70 years, on 70 acres, there stood a Chicago public housing community known as Cabrini Green.

20 years in the making, 70 Acres in Chicago: Cabrini Green follows the story of a community displaced when their neighborhood is torn down in the name of progress.

Home to thousands, misunderstood by millions, Cabrini Green once towered over Chicago’s most valuable neighborhoods. A looming reminder of inequality and poverty, Cabrini’s high-rises were demolished and an African-American community cleared to make room for another social experiment: mixed-income neighborhoods.

70 Acres in Chicago documents this upheaval, from the razing of the first buildings in 1995, to the clashes in the mixed-income neighborhoods a decade later, to a gathering the night before the last high-rise was to be demolished in 2011.

70 Acres in Chicago tells the volatile story of this hotly contested patch of real estate, while looking unflinchingly at race, class, and survival.


Film Credits:
Director/Producer – Ronit Bezalel
Writer /Editor – Catherine Crouch
Executive Producer – Judy Hoffman
Music Composer – Duane Buford
Narrated by – Marguerite Mariama

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