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A short sample of a language revitalization project.  For more information please contact Rachel Wheeler at or Sarah Eyerly at Video produced by: Rachel Wheeler and Sarah Eyerly Writer/Director: Catherine Crouch Camera/Sound: Shuling Yong and Ladema Zinsmeister  Soundtrack: Bill Miller  Titles/Graphics: Matt...

Fame and Fiction / Dangerous Woman

Fame & Fiction performs Dangerous Woman LIVE at the Cinema Systers Film Festival 2017. Featuring Terri Burch on hula hoop. Filmmakers: Catherine Crouch, Ladema Zinsmeister, Kelly Hayes, & Liss...

Bernie Sanders – A Smooth Socialist

All female garage band Cotton Lover Swifts parody Alien Ant Farm’s parody of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. There are no criminals here, just three generations of feminists and a visionary socialist candidate in this catchy Bernie fan video.

The Sweet Mystery of Indiana Love

This short video is a mashup of the art of Robert Indiana with the words of Indiana Governor Mike Pence regarding his “religious Freedom Act”

RadfemFilms Compilation

RADFEMFILMS is a compilation of 6 award-winning short films by Catherine Crouch, including Vanilla Lament, One Small Step, Pretty Ladies, The Gendercator, Buttery Top and her newest film, A Pirate In Alphabet City.

A Pirate In Alphabet City

A classic tale of longing to belong from controversial director Catherine Crouch, this comedy about identity politics features a uniquely designed cartoon effect and a rollicking soundtrack of sea shanties and traditional sea songs by Hogeye Navvy.

Buttery Top

Written & Directed by Catherine Crouch and Kelly Hayes
A comedy about a first date with extra baggage.

The Gendercator

Directed by Catherine Crouch
The Gendercator is a satirical take on surgical body modification and gender.

Pretty Ladies: A Super 8 Explosion

Written & Directed by Catherine Crouch
A beautiful, surrealistic fairy tale about four young women looking for love.

Stray Dogs

Adapted from the play by Julie Jensen
Written & Directed by Catherine Crouch
Set in 1958 Appalachia, Stray Dogs is a Southern Gothic film about the last night of a bad marriage.

One Small Step

Written & Directed by Catherine Crouch
A dramatic comedy about a rambunctious 8-year-old tomboy, Ernestine “Teen” Miller.

Vanilla Lament

Written & Directed by Catherine Crouch
Vanilla Lament is a humorous fantasy rendering of a sudden romantic breakup and the aftermath.

Osco Bag

Written & Directed by Catherine Crouch
Osco Bag is the saga of an abandoned plastic bag in search of a place to belong.

A Christmas Sacrifice

Written & Directed by Catherine Crouch
A comic horror of a dysfunctional grandmother & grandson who set out to chop down a reluctant Christmas tree.

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