Stray Dogs


Stray Dogs

Adapted from the play by Julie Jensen
Written & Directed by Catherine Crouch
35 mm
97 minutes

Set in 1958 and adapted from the award-winning stage play by Julie Jensen, Stray Dogs is a Southern gothic film about the last night of a bad marriage. Darla Carter reaches her turning point this October day, when most of the men in her Appalachian town are engaged in a vicious, chaotic hunt to round up and kill stray dogs. In the afternoon, Darla gets terrifying news: she is pregnant again, and she believes the baby will be a girl. Legend has it that female children cannot survive on Carter Mountain. Darla has lost three female infants in a row, and has come to believe the curse is real. For the sake of her children’s future, she resolves to leave her husband and Carter Mountain once and for all.

–Best Newcomer (Acting for Zach Gray) Savannah Film and Video Festival, 2001

Film Credits:
Producer: Yvonne Welbon and Dawn Grey
Photography: Marie-Joelle Rizk
Editor: Sharon Zurek
Music: Ray Nardelli & Josh Horvath

Principle Cast:
Guinevere Turner (Darla Carter)
Bill Sage (Myers Carter)
Dot-Marie Jones(Jolene Carter)
Ryan Kelley (J. Fred Carter)
Zach Gray (Reese Carter)

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