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Set in South Carolina on the eve of the 1969 Apollo 11 moon walk, One Small Step is a dramatic comedy about a rambunctious 8-year-old tomboy, Ernestine “Teen” Miller. Taught by her parents that she can be anything she wants, Teen learns there is one exception to this rule when she announces to her mother that she is determined to marry the neighbor girl.

–Winner of the Ursula Award for the best short film at the 1999 Hamburg, Germany Lesbian & Gay Film Festival
–Winner of the Absolute Audience Award for best women’s short film at the 1999 Pittsburgh International Film Festival
–Winner of Director’ s Choice for best short film at the 1999 Philadelphia Gay & Lesbian Film Festival

Film Credits:
Producer: Yvonne Welbon
Photography: Marie-Joelle Rizk
Editor: Seema Shastri
Music: Joseph Welbon

Principle Cast:
Ema Tuennerman (Teen Miller)
Brigid Murphy (Mom Miller)
Fabio Ferrari (Oscar Miller)
Rae Gray (Judy Miller)

Canadian Filmmaker’s Distribution Centre
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