Bernie Sanders – A Smooth Socialist



All female garage band Cotton Lover Swifts parody Alien Ant Farm’s parody of Michael Jackson’s Smooth Criminal. There are no criminals here, just three generations of feminists and a visionary socialist candidate in this catchy Bernie fan video. February 2016


Cotton Lover Swifts is:

Lori Perdue – Singer

Becca Hopson – Guitar

Catherine Crouch – Bass


Special Guest Drummers:

Annabelle Andresen

Molly Worthy

Julieta Petrusa


Rally in Fountain Square:

Jennifer Newton

Kaleigh Newton

Liam Newton

Elias Newton

Candice Bannister

Alison Robinson

Julia Robinson

Natalie Robinson

Anna Robinson

Lillie Robinson

Clara Robinson

Jeannie Paulsen

Dawn M. Boarman

Lori Perdue




Director & Editor – Catherine Crouch

Camera – Ladema Zinsmeister

Camera – Kelly E. Hayes

Sound Mix – Alex Inglizian

Color Correction – Laurie Little

Additional Sound – Johnandrew Bellner

Promotions – Ronit Bezalel

Assistant Director – Dawn M. Boarman

Set Construction – Rene Schultz

Crafts Services – Jeannie Paulsen

Makeup & Drummer Coaching – Alecia Wall

Replay & Set Construction – Corbin Baldwin


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